My Red John Theory

My mom and I were discussing the show about a week ago, and we came up with our theory as to Red John’s identity. I’m not sure if anyone else has thought of this, but our theory is that Kristina Frye is Red John. I know that sounds crazy, but think about what she said in her first episode: “Your wife wants me to tell you that your daughter never woke up. She didn’t know what happened. She wasn’t scared, not even for a second.” At the time it just made me cry. It’s so sad. But looking at it from a different perspective, I’m completely creeped out. If Kristina is RJ, then she would have first hand knowledge of the death of his daughter, and bringing it up like that is a new level of cruel and sadistic. It gives me chills just thinking of it.

Then there’s the fact that the Alabama Crimson Tide came up on their date after Kristina touched the waiter and used her “psychic” abilities with him. That’s just a cute little red related moment. After the gang (including Kristina) see the tape that the wanna be RJ, college morons made of themselves killing a girl, Kristina rushes off to go do something. She even takes her tea to go because she apparently can’t stay five more minutes. Later on we see a real RJ killing. Then she goes on television to reach out to RJ. I don’t know what she could have hoped to accomplish there. But of course it panicked Jane, making him relive his own television mistake. When Kristina goes missing, not a peep was made. I realize that RJ is a genius at getting away with things, but it’s interesting that Kristina just disappeared like that.

In the episode where we find Kristina again, her mind has been erased. We’re meant to think that RJ broke her mind to the point where her spirit left, leaving nothing but her body behind. The seance is yet another tragically sad moment…unless Kristina is Red John. Imagine the diabolical genius of her faking this “death”, waiting for Jane to light a candle to “summon her spirit” before she speaks. When I watch the scene under the premise that she is RJ, it makes it so disturbing when she suddenly becomes present and is smiling at Jane. I don’t remember them ever following up with the Kristina storyline, which is strange too. I realize we’re meant to think “She’s basically dead now, so Jane let her go.”, but hello! This is Patrick Jane. He doesn’t let things go. For instance, where do they take her after that scene? Probably to a mental hospital or something. After all, her body is still living, even if we believe her soul is gone. Why was there never a scene of Jane visiting her in the hospital. Despite how much he cared for Kristina, I don’t think he’d give up. He’d keep trying to get her mind back or he’d do as many damn seances as it took to get her to remember something about RJ. I mean he liked Bosco, but he was about to cut off his pain killers as he lay dying, just to find out what he knew about RJ. So I just don’t buy that one conversation with Kristina would be enough to satiate him. And Red John would know this, so leaving Kristina alive, even if her brain is erased, might be too big of a risk, as Jane has excellent powers of hypnosis and could possibly cure her.

Fun little side note about the above mentioned episode: The same episode that brings Kristina back is the one where we’re first introduced to Craig O’ Laughlin, a Red John minion. In it he refers to his boss as “she”. Now we assume it’s his FBI boss, but it would be cute if he was referring to his actual boss. lol and Kristina knew that Grace was the more trusting member of the group, as she was the staunch believer in Kristina’s abilities from day one. So it could make sense that she would know that Craig could infiltrate the group through poor sweet Grace.

Kristina certainly has the mental capacity to manipulate people, as well as the warmth and kindness to lure vulnerable people into her web. Kristina and Jane did shake hands at one point as well. lol as for RJ being referred to as a “he”. I don’t think that even stops Jane from suspecting women. He did assure Lisbon that she wasn’t in his book, not because she’s female, but because they’re friends. Yes, he and Kristina were friends, but not instantly. Not even close. lol she was however someone who could really challenge him. As to the fact that RJ was in a relationship with the blind lady…maybe that wasn’t actually RJ, but a henchman of RJ. After all, the woman said that “Roy” never called himself Red John. Perhaps Roy was the guy in the limousine we saw earlier in the season. Who knows? Perhaps some of RJ’s minions even think Roy is RJ. I believe Lorelai is going to lead Jane to Roy now that she knows Roy killed her sister. We’ll find out that he isn’t RJ, but instead, someone high up in RJ’s organization.

This is just a fun theory to think about. Only Bruno knows the truth. I refuse to believe Red John is any of the central group (especially not Jane or Lisbon. Puhlease!). It could be Walter Mashburn. His name means “leader of an army” and there was that scene where Jane suggested that the red car was more Mashburn’s color than the yellow. lol but the fact that his name is in large print in Jane’s book leads me to believe he may not be RJ. I don’t think Jane will suspect the truth in a million years, hence Kristina (do we know if she’s in the book?). But whatever direction it goes, I’m sure it will be thrilling. I’m just hoping for Jane to get closure on RJ once and for all. Then he can finally move on with his life (hopefully with Lisbon)!

:)   Yup, I end with a smiley since this post was about Red John. lol


There was a new concept introduced in the season 5 finale (I think it’s new. At least I cannot recall this idea being pushed too hard in the past) about why Red John is always so many steps ahead of Jane. It was told to him that Red John is a true psychic. Perhaps this is even more of a hint to Kristina being RJ. I know Jane is determined that RJ is not a woman. However, he was also certain that RJ was one of those seven or so men, but RJ was again a million steps ahead, listing every name on Jane’s list. I still firmly maintain that whoever Red John is, it will take Jane completely by surprise, so it’s none of the people on his list. :)

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